Various UK locations

Investment Level £60,000

Food & Drink

Franchise Fee £17,000

Management Service Fee 5%

Franchisor Description

CUPP is a premium Bubble Tea brand. They make their bubble tea in a unique way. From day one, their ethos is to only use the best and freshest ingredients.

They wanted to control what goes into our teas and make the healthiest bubble teas on the market. That is why they produce their own real fruit purées and
syrups by hand in a centralised production facility.

Cupp use quality loose leaf tea, organic milk, premium milk substitutes, and fresh fruit and produce to flavour their teas. They are the only company in the UK to do all of these.

They are pioneers and want to improve the bubble tea industry which is plagued with cheap nasty ingredients like fructose and artificial sugary flavourings, and powders, The brand also reflects their teas.

Cupp have created a brand that showcases their ethos with interesting store designs in unique express cafe/bar environments.

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