Karak Chaii

Karak Chaii

Various UK locations

Investment Level £130,000

Food & Drink

Franchise Fee £12,500

Management Service Fee 5%

Franchisor Description

Karak Chaii are sharing their passion for brewing the perfect cup of chaii and are now looking for new franchisees to join them.

After Travelling throughout many cities in the INDIAN SUBCONTINENT, and throughout the Middle East, the team at Karak Chaii believes they have now brewed the perfect cup of Chaii.

The UK cafe culture is growing in the UK and Karak Chaii is offering you the opportunity to join a highly successful brand. When you become a franchisee you will stand out from the crowd as the excellent reputation of Karak Chaii promotes recognition as customers will know what to expect from the brand.

The franchise fee for inside the M25 corridor is £25k +VAT as it is now owned by a master licensee. The franchisee fee outside of London £12.5k +VAT.

Training Info

You don't need to have experience running a business to become a Karak Chaii franchisee, your attitude is the most important factor. The team at head office will provide extensive training and ongoing support to assist every new franchisee to really get the most out of their business.

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